Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Snowshoe Running-It's been real, let's do it again next winter!

So some of you may be wondering what I've been doing all winter (anyone?) and the answer is running on week ends, but not just running but rather snowshoe running!  In all seriousness one of the most challenging hobbies I've taken on as it taxes the legs in ways running can never do, and with all the snow we've had it makes for a serious cardiovascular workout!

Despite how hard it is, it has been seriously fun and the only thing I really liked this winter, besides feeding the birds, trying new porters and stouts and citrus of course as this is the best time to eat it!

Pretty picture of the brook I fell into on accident but we won't get into that!

Except to say the Dion's and I managed to get out of the sticky mud with no problems!  Seriously if you love to snowshoe, even if it isn't running you have to check out Dion Snowshoes,  you can custom make them to what fits your needs and are of such good quality I promote them as much as I can.  No I don't get paid for it or anything like that, I just know Bob Dion is a decent guy with a small business going against the big box stores and his heart and soul is in snowshoe sports and it shows in his end product.  I got the snowshoes about 6 weeks ago and did a little over 25 miles in them in total.  Loved every mile on them (except this past Sunday) and my goal next year is to be fit enough to race in them which I'm nowhere near now.

Snowshoe racing is super intense and for some great photos of racers themselves check out Scott Mason Photography.  He has wonderful photos and shows what the sport is all about in all of his photos.

And to give you an idea of what snowshoe running is like check out this video I made.  Not only will it show you the nifty Dion's in action but it will also show you the HD video quality my new Cannon has.  So can't wait to try and video tape birds this year as my old camera couldn't focus but this focuses crystal clear!

American Robin taken at Brierly during a snowshoe run this past weekend

So this is what I've been up to all winter and while it's been fun, I'm about ready to hang up the Dion's for good as I'm totally sick of snow.  Not to mention I have some inner knee pain from this past Sunday's snowshoe run as there were tons of deep, frozen foot prints as well as horse sh*t all over Martha Deering which made me dodge and weave around the trails and even inner knee roll in some of the footprint divots and don't think my legs can take another bout of that and need them perfectly healthy for the trails this spring when there's green grass, magnificent trees and spring warblers of course!

Take care all.

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